Applied Pressure


Politics aren’t my forte. I vote and take stands when needed, but tire of the logistics, policies, and suit coats. Nevertheless, they’re seemingly unavoidable when it comes to watching the news – especially as elections draw near. Conversely, many of my friends enjoy the hustle and bustle of the electoral season. They engage strangers in debate and wrestle with tough social issues. They run for offices and wear patriotic buttons. I respect them and value them a great deal as they dive into the political trenches for our American liberties.

For various reasons the 2012 Presidential election seems different than others before it. Not more important, just different. I’m hearing all of the same rumors that normally surface around shifts in political leadership, but from much more reliable sources than before. It seems that the wing nuts are no longer the crazy ones as nearly everyone predicts enormous changes in our country’s future.

Concerning these rumors, I find myself experiencing a variety of emotions – anger, fear, courage, even apathy – all duly doused in skepticism. Whether the notions ought to be heeded or not, I eventually think beyond myself and wonder about the church. How would Christ’s bride respond if the rumored pressures were to be applied? Would she succumb to her attacker as if it were her duty? Or would she exercise her God-given right of self-defense and preservation?

I’ve found myself in the emergency room more times than I’d like to admit and have observed the medical staff as they perform their respective duties. Regardless of how many college degrees they have or how bright their scrubs are, every one of them will check my pulse. They take my wrist in one hand while looking at their watch. Pressure is applied until a pulse can be found – signs of life.

Once the church in America begins to feel the pressure applied, I believe signs of life will be found. The bride of Christ has a heartbeat that will be heard. The pulse of Christianity will reverberate under political oppression just as it has throughout history. The fickle in faith will flee as the saints stand steadfast, rising to the occasion. As the pressure is applied, the church will remember who she is as well as Whose she is.

One thought on “Applied Pressure

  1. Absolutely. I am not a political subscriber either. I loathe all the hype! But I do pray and look over the candidates and vote as God leads. We need to do our duty as American citizens, but GOD is in control no matter which candidate wins. It always makes me immensely sad when Christians “fall apart”, as it were, if “their” candidate loses. GOD never loses. He knows what HE is about. HE is using world events to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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