Selfish Siblings

Kids are cute. Especially mine. I love that they don’t care what people think as they proudly display their collection of boogers. I love that they don’t take time to be politically correct as they have no problem admiring my collection of boogers. I love that they are more secure as human beings than most adults. Kids are kids and have no problem being labeled as such. My daughters are exceptionally cute – just ask their mother. They hug, kiss, giggle, say hilariously innocent phrases, and all sorts of other things that kids don’t. Being a daddy is one of my favorite things in the world.

Recently, however, I’ve noticed that my two angelic children have a knack for selfishness. They don’t seem to care what other people think for an alternative reason. At times this will conveniently paint them in a polite manner, but overall, they’re individually concerned with numero uno. This was played out this morning as they debated over who the Glo Worm rightfully belonged to. I observed and classified it as a normal part of life. That was until it delved into shouting and shoving. As daddy, it was saddening to see. I wished they would simply get along, share what they have. And after they’d hurt each other, I hoped they would make things right and continue playing, enjoying each other. Eventually, with a little instruction, they did.

I sometimes see the church in my children. Conflicting personalities mixed with a dash of insecurity and a spoonful of pride create a potent potion for problems. These are a normal part of life. That is, until it leads into abuse – even in the mildest sense. As our Daddy, it undoubtedly breaks God’s heart. He’s laid out His hopes and wishes clearly: “Love one another, even as I’ve loved you. This is how people will know you are Mine.”

As guilty as anyone, I’ve purposed to love better. And just as with my children, I want to make things right and continue enjoying my spiritual siblings, His church. And eventually, with a little instruction, I will.

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