Falling Asleep

  Sleep seems to increase in value as I increase in age. As a child it was required and as a teenager it was tolerated, but as an adult it's longed for. Some days I anticipate it like I do a UPS package; I spend my entire day wondering when it will arrive. When can … Continue reading Falling Asleep


A Spectacular Species

We all talk about babies as if they are a different species; tiny little beings nearly human. While there are a few that seem to speak their language, the rest of us watch from afar, clinging to our ignorance. Any comfortable distance is of course removed when you become a parent. Their fragile heads sit … Continue reading A Spectacular Species

Books Delivered!

It's official! The books have arrived and add nicely to our dining room décor. One reader expressed her gratitude, "Thank you for helping me fall in love with Jesus all over again." I'm anxious to see how God uses the book in different lives and situations.