At Every Turn

This past September, Missy and I were sure to bring our two young girls to the fair in hopes of introducing them to the smell of manure and overpriced caramel apples. It was everything we’d hoped for. One section of the fairground housed a play area for toddlers to stretch their little legs and vocal chords – a place of pure chaos. Presley wasn’t quite walking yet and remained bolted, I mean strapped into the stroller, however Macy’s feet were running before they even hit the ground. I was close behind, ensuring Missy of our eventual return. Macy was immediately drawn to the Hay-Maze, a creatively titled maze of hay. Though the walls were only as tall as my waist, they ensured complete disorientation for the wee ones. I wasn’t at all prepared for what Macy and I would be learning together.

It was one of those glimpses of life from God’s point of view. Naturally, I could see the entire maze from start to finish. I could also see the potential dead-ends as well as the paths of promise. And without effort, I could have guided Macy to her intended destination, but chose not to. I didn’t because I wanted her to experience it. I wanted her to live it. I wanted her to find the dead-ends and learn from them, perhaps even appreciate them. I wanted her to enjoy the thrill of discovery and accomplishment. I wanted her to have fun, and she did. Her face was plastered with adventure and excitement with eyes as big as the moon and a smile as wide as the ocean. And she loved that I was with her. At every turn she’d look over her shoulder to see me and giggle with contentment. We sprinted down the final corridor, securing our escape and basking in accomplishment. We had done it… together.

I look back over my life, reflecting on the dead-ends that God has allowed me to run after and can better understand His reasoning; not entirely, but enough to be content. I’m grateful that He’s let me experience life, appreciate it, and learn from it. I’ve enjoyed the thrill of discovery and accomplishment. But most of all I cherish the fact that He’s been with me. I find myself looking over my shoulder at every turn to see Him and sometimes giggle with excitement.

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