A Spectacular Species

We all talk about babies as if they are a different species; tiny little beings nearly human. While there are a few that seem to speak their language, the rest of us watch from afar, clinging to our ignorance. Any comfortable distance is of course removed when you become a parent. Their fragile heads sit atop frail pedestals, commanding delicacy from even the roughest of men. When the crying eventually stops, their natural sense of security is daunting. They are helpless and have no problem admitting it as they lie in complete humility without knowing humiliation.

Of all God’s miracles, I believe the nativity is His most spectacular. To imagine God’s head to be fragile, subject to bumps and bruises and balanced atop a frail little neck. Tiny. Reliant. It is the greatest example of servility the world has ever known proving meekness is not weakness.

My prayer this season is for us, His children, to follow in suit. Meek. Fragile. Humble. Secure.

Merry Christmas.

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