My Filthy Rag

'Tis the season for hand sanitizer and tissues, ushering hesitant handshakes and skeptical side-hugs. Despite red noses and watery eyes, we continue to drag ourselves out of the house in hopes of accomplishing something, anything. A day spent stifling nasal flow while unclogging congestion is confusing enough, yet we persevere. And though tissues are the trending treatment [...]

My Sweet P

As with most mornings, Presley's silky blonde hair was whimsically wild. Her cheeks were warm, chubby, and flushed, framing a toothy grin. Her daring blue eyes were well rested and eager for a new day's adventures. All of this sat atop a pajama-laden body; soft, cuddly, and oh-so cute. I sipped my coffee and watched [...]