A Many-Splendored Thing

"Love is a many-splendored thing, love." And it is. Though, it is also a very painful thing. My theory is this, love is as great as the risk involved. And oftentimes, that risk becomes a nightmarish reality. I believe that with each and every relationship, whether socially simple or invigoratingly intimate, there is, respectively, a … Continue reading A Many-Splendored Thing


An Ode to Taco Bell

Hard taco or soft? Gordita or chalupa? Crunchwrap or nacho supreme? These are the decisions that plague a man addicted to Taco Bell. And as if to laugh in my face, the franchise just won't rest. Every quarter they're contriving something new, innovative, and breathtaking. They've infiltrated my TV and Twitter, my email and Facebook. … Continue reading An Ode to Taco Bell