Matt, you don’t know what you’re missing.


It was mesmerizing. I’d calmly sit, transfixed by his hand movement coordinated with the warm sound of fingerpicks and the squeak of fret slides. My gawking presence didn’t seem to bother my big brother too much. Rather, every few songs, he’d offer me an opportunity to try it for myself. I’d sheepishly decline. The instrument was a bit intimidating. “Matt, you don’t know what you’re missing.” he’d say with a smile. I figured he was doing a good enough job. Why slow things down, stop the music, just to get me up to speed? I liked the idea of playing, but despised the uncertainty of learning.

I’m both concerned and disturbed by the amount of people I’m coming to know who aren’t involved in their local church. Sure, they attend – legalistically so. They even tithe as Scripture calls for. Yet when it comes to moving beyond the Sunday morning motions, they tap out. I don’t believe it’s laziness. I don’t believe it’s even lack of desire. Rather, I trust it to be intimidation. Like the junior high boy who was fascinated with the guitar, but didn’t dare to give it a strum. He’s doing a good enough job. Why slow things down, stop the music, just to get me up to speed?

If you’re currently a sitter, may I challenge you to be a strummer? To join in the song?

I imagine the first thing coming to your mind might be your schedule. You know, that 9-day-week you’ve scheduled for the next three months. Or maybe it’s your lack of a Bible degree. Teaching the toddlers how Noah killed a whale with a sling and a stone – even the thought makes you nervous. Or maybe I was wrong and you are, in fact, lazy. 

The bottom line is we need you. That’s right. The rest of us playing the song need you. See, the church is comprised of all sorts of people from all sorts of places with all sorts of expertise. We are a body. His body. The arm needs the hand. The hand needs the arm. The mouth needs the foot. Oh, the irony. 

God has gifted you. And He has called you to use that gift for God’s sake. 

So… will you pick-up the instrument? Will you join the song? 

Pretty please?

I’ll leave you with this, my brother’s warning, “Matt, you don’t know what you’re missing.”