The Great Composition

My Mimi’s song has sounded its final note.

It’s been a most beautiful melody,
a selfless sonnet,
a lyric of love,
heard and treasured by thousands of longing hearts.

There has never been a song like hers and never will be again.
Her song has played influence to countless other compositions
as we listened and learned how a song is to be sung.
We’ve cried in its chorus.
We’ve rested in its rhythm.
It’s a song I’ll recall for the rest of my life.
I hope to continue its cadence as I write my own.
May my song remind others of hers
– in its joy, love, peace, and hope.

As with the final note of many great songs, it leaves us wanting more.
Mimi, we want more.
But we know as you’ve said so many times,
your song is simply a line in the Great Composition.
Your song sings of Another.
And even now,
Jesus is telling you of how much He’s enjoyed listening to the song you’ve composed.
He’ll spend ages rejoicing in the song that you are.
And your song is not lost in the many voices,
but is a perfect piece that was purposed from the beginning of time.

Your song has now reached a new octave.
And though we’ll miss hearing it performed before us day after day,
we’re eager to hear it as it’s meant to be sung
– in the Great Composition of Heaven.


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