About The Book

Thoughts That Fell From a Taco Shell is a captivating journey of humorous discovery in practical Christian living. What began as a journal scratched onto four Taco Bell® napkins grew to a full-fledged account of one man’s desire to impress God. Is it even possible to impress God? Does he regret creating us with free will? Do nuns enjoy roller coasters? These are the types of burning questions Ouellette wrestles with, pokes at, and somewhat tackles.

It’s a wildly sarcastic, yet wonderfully sincere book written in the style of bestselling author Donald Miller, in which you journey into the mind of Matthew Ouellette.

Ouellette captured first place in the Non-Fiction category of the Deep River Books’ 2012 Writer’s Contest with this fresh blend of humor, truth . . . and tacos. Ouellette employs the power of story and its ability to clarify difficult concepts in the desperate hope of bringing value to lessons he learned the hard way.



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