Matt Ouellette is a fresh voice.  Honest, funny, and timely, his words bring an original and relevant perspective to today’s battle for spiritual authenticity.

Josh D. McDowellRenown Author and Speaker

Book Cover

Matt has mastered the overlooked and underutilized skill of seeing parables in the everyday around us. Thoughts That Fell From a Taco Shell is full of youthful exuberance and honest self-reflection. Matt is fearlessly himself, and this book is a testament to that. And tacos.

Scott Firestone IV – Editor of Group Magazine and Unfiltered Magazine


A great book to grab on the way to coffee or the back porch… a series of thoughts and vignettes that offer new insights to ponder, and fresh ways to look at life and faith. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chap Clark, Ph.D – Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, Senior Editor of YouthWorker Journal, Founder of the HURT project, Author of Hurt 2.0, Sticky Faith, and multiple other books.


Delightfully, Matt’s ability to take the mundane happenings of life and turn them into life lessons is humorous, insightful and entertaining. A tumble on a bicycle, an accident at a restaurant, things that most people forget minutes after they occur become fodder for a mind searching for meaning in the ho-hum of the routine. Thoughts That Fell From a Taco Shell may not be as tasty as a crunch wrap supreme, but certainly more filling.

William Cripe Sr. – Columnist,  Author of The Proper Pursuit of Prosperity, and Senior Pastor of Faith EFC in Waterville, ME


Thoughts That Fell From a Taco Shell, resounds with deep spiritual truth but is packaged in story and sarcasm, making it easy to unravel. Matt has a bright future in writing. His relatable, honest, thoughtful, and sometimes hilariously self-depricating tone made me feel right at home. This book is relevant and important for today’s generation.

Casey Parnell – Director of the Heart Campaign, Band Member of Elliot, and Worship Pastor of Westside Church in Bend, OR


When I read I really love vignettes, slice-of-life stories, humor as well as thoughts & ideas that come through the side door. I also love insight, honesty, hope, questions, the unexpected and approaches that are not heavy handed or conclusions that are not one-size-fits-all. If you are like that as well, then pick up Matt Ouellette’s “Thoughts That Fell From a Taco Shell: One guy’s attempt to impress God”. It is an easy, fun read that has a lot to say about life, faith and some of the corners we back ourselves into as we try to make it all work. I found it engaging as well as insightful. I also like the stand-alone chapters which fit well into my A.D.D. life.

Tic LongExecutive Pastor of Journey Community Church


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