Photos, Diagrams, & Other Non-Essentials

This is an extra chapter that fell from the shell. Each image is directly related to a story found in the book. Click around for the complete out-of-the-shell experience!

My Taco Bell Table          Taco Schematic          Clothesline          Nun
Snoopy          Mr. Rogers Song          Cliffs of Moher          Moses
Camel          Chubby          Jonah          Storms Over Rome
Eunuch Convention         Turbo Tax          Optimism          Taco Bell Neon Sign
Salt Shaker         Trevi Fountain          Marshmallows          My Big Bass
Walk On Water          My Scooter          Happy Birthday          Yahtzee!
Half-Off Coupon          Darth Vadar Keychain          Flannelgraph
Me & Donald Miller at NYWC          My Dad          Tim          David Crowder
Sistine Chapel Visit          Ice Fishing          Nun Spotting          Camp Living Waters
The Proper Pursuit of Prosperity          Me and Gary          Appearances          Refill
Baby Gate          My Leg Braces

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