Matt, you don’t know what you’re missing.

It was mesmerizing. I'd calmly sit, transfixed by his hand movement coordinated with the warm sound of fingerpicks and the squeak of fret slides. My gawking presence didn't seem to bother my big brother too much. Rather, every few songs, he'd offer me an opportunity to try it for myself. I'd sheepishly decline. The instrument was a bit intimidating. "Matt, … Continue reading Matt, you don’t know what you’re missing.


A Jedi and Jesus

My best friend, let's call him Yoda, recently left the States for long-term missions work. This is great news for the Kingdom and those he'll be ministering to, but terrible news for selfish, little, old me. I know he'll be safe and, just as important, effective, but I'd just rather have him here; at least just a … Continue reading A Jedi and Jesus