The ROOTED Study is a study on Identity.
It digs deeply into the soul and its bouts of guilt, shame and fear
along with the anxieties of appetite, ambition and approval.
It looks closely at the life of Jesus,
how He wrestled with and lived from His identity.

“I appreciate the fact that each facet of the teaching is drenched in the Word. I am slowly turning and examining the nuggets of gold uncovered that night. […] how freeingI am so afraid of what obedience could cost my heart. Being there that night was a little like encountering Aslan, not exactly a ‘happy’ time. I sat there feeling opened, raw and vulnerable. I walked out the door unable to speak, shaking and quaking and wondering how will I be able to move forward with what was revealed. I was ‘undone’. It is painfully sweet. I am grateful, because it has been many months since I have heard Him speak to me. Thank you!!”
Suzanne Brochu

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1. Print the PDF below as double-sided and fold into a booklet.
2. Watch the video below and follow along with the booklet.

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NEW!!! Printable Discussion Booklet
Print double-sided and fold.

Rooted Discussion.png

Complete Rooted Study – 2hours.